June Bust

Has anyone else noticed that June has failed to bust out all over?  I turned the heat on this morning!  It is cold.  It is windy.  It rains at inopportune times (when I am loading books from a storage unit to move to the library for a book sale, and again when I am loading books to move from the library back to the storage unit).  This is April weather, maybe May.  But June?

Yes, I do realize that it has snowed here in June.  But that was supposed to have been a fluke.  I don’t want any weather flukes.  None, thank you anyway, Mother dear.  Be a good old girl and get with the program.  Summer!  It is just a week away!  Go take a gander at your calendar, and bring some warmth, please.

OK, pretty please.

Why the Shelves Were Empty

A while back, my lovely sister was cat-sitting for me while I made my annual camping trek to the ocean.  During many of her previous visits, we had spent some time at a local coffee/tea/bakery place that has very good chocolate croissants and cinnamon scones and other wonders.

So anyway, when I arrived home after a long drive from the ocean, sis was waiting for me with a bag of bakery goodies.  The bag was a delight of lovely pastries, but I wondered why she had bought so many.  Her answer:

“There were only four left!”

And that is why the shelves were empty.

Opti or Pessi?

As I drive around my neighborhood (or walk if I am feeling energetic), I notice the dogs and cats that are my neighbors.  And I think I discovered something about them.  It is entirely possible that others have already made this discovery, and/or that I myself have already pointed out the discovery.  However, because I am now almost on the edge of being not only a cat lady but also a dog lady, I am paying a great deal of attention to cats and dogs.

My discovery?  Dogs are optimists, and cats are pessimists.

All you have to do is look at a dog.  Riding (or driving) a car.  Chasing a ball.  Walking on a leash.  Whatever.  The dog clearly has everything to look forward to, and knows there will be no disappointment.  Dogs sit in the hallways to doors, knowing without a doubt that someone will come along with a leash and be an escort for walks.  Dogs are absolutely certain that when they hop on to the passenger seat, they will eventually have an opportunity to be on the driver’s seat to make the order at their locals.  Dogs smile because they know the world is made for them.  Watch a dog at play, and you have to be happy–they seem to be doing it all for you.  They make you part of their life and assume that you will return the favor.

Cats are a bit different.  They pretend to aloofness.  They are not sure that someone will come to the door immediately to let them in or out.  Underneath all of the “I am the best, treat me like the king or queen that I clearly am” persona, cats are a bit worried about their reception. Humans cannot be counted on to attend to the cats’ every need or to admire what is clearly a top of the line being.  Cats don’t just raise their eyebrows, looking askance, if you don’t meet expectations, they throw a hissy fit. They also have a bit of an attitude problem which can bring on what they always knew was going to happen–their dreams will not come true.  Cats are, in my view, among the sweetest of creatures, but it is not clear that they want you to know it.  Cats can be content and purring.  But they make no assumptions that you will return the feelings.  They make you a part of their life, but expect nothing more than a servant would provide.  Or at least that is the pretense.

So perhaps the path to a happy life has a cat or two and a dog or two walking with you. Dogs can teach cats how to think positively and expect the best and cats can teach dogs how to remain a little aloof and pretend disfavor if the best is a little late.  A little optimist and a little pessimist.  Teaching love.  Sounds like a plan.