Peace.  That’s all.  Just peace.  Please.



Trees becoming green

shaking off the heavy snow

basking in the sun.

Good Grief

Woke up this morning to yet more snow in the long driveway that keeps getting longer.  As I huffed and puffed and shoveled, I awoke (finally all the way) to realize:  younger I am not getting.  Oh dear.  For the last few (actually several) years, I have felt that I am able to do more, better than ever (well, actually the golf scores have been getting higher rather than lower).  That better-than-ever feeling crashed this morning.  I now have to climb the hill again, but oh my–truly, younger I am not getting.



It is now just fourteen days until Spring (unless you live where it is just fourteen days until winter)!  Daffodils are in the stores and are brightening up my home. No outdoor flowers are peeking out yet, but they could be buried under the deep snowdrifts.  I am still shoveling snow, but I can manage two more weeks.  The sun has actually been shining brightly here (sometimes), and I have seen the stars occasionally.

Fourteen days!!!!!!!

Blue Mind Echoing

Here I am in a location that has just beat the record for second heaviest snowfall in February.  I have been shoveling snow, either as it falls or as it blows, for what seems like forever.  Not that I mind, mind you!  I do like snow, I just wish it would all fall at once so I could shovel it once and be done.  Oh well, not likely that wish will be granted.

But what is happening now is that my blue mind is yelling at me.  You may or may not recall a much earlier post about the blue mind.  To jog your memory, some people have a “blue mind” that calls them to the sea more strongly than the average person.  I am one of those.  I cannot be happy if a year goes by that has not included a trip to my ocean (the Pacific, not that it always is pacific, but it is absolutely gorgeous).  I have been going to the same Oregon Coast campground, and generally to the same campsite at that campground for over 40 years now.  My campsite is a stone’s throw from a beautiful beach.  My reservation for this year is not until July, and right now that seems like way too long to wait.  I feel the need to jump ship, ignore my commitments to prepare taxes for AARP and everything else, take the cat (oh boy, won’t that be a messy thing), jump in the Eurovan and point it toward the sea–right now.

I probably won’t do that, but pictures of ocean surf just aren’t doing it at the moment.  May have to take a shorter road trip to the Sound instead of the Coast.  Westward, ho!