The sea teases me,

coming as far as my toes

before drawing back.



Well, just when you think it won’t get better, it does.  Pledge week (month, it seems) is still going on, and tonight they gave us the Leonard Cohen Tower of Song, a tribute to Leonard to commemorate his death in 2016.  I had forgotten about Cohen for a long time, until in a previous pledge drive, they showed his Live in Dublin concert.  So I fell in love again and bought the CD.  One of my favorite songs was Hallelujah, which he performed beautifully.

However.  Tonight, K D Lang performed the song.  And while various other performers gave stellar performances (Sting did Dance Me to the End of Love wonderfully, Adam Cohen and others also), Lang was absolutely out of this world.  She put her whole entire being into it, and I am still crying.  I did not think I would be able to see/hear it again. But, I went online (isn’t the internet wonderful?) and found that her performance is available on You Tube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paXBGRntIdM).  I recommend it, even to those of you who did not care greatly for the song.  Truly spectacular.

Still waiting for Black and White Night, though (it doesn’t make me cry).