Haiku (or Ode to a Burger)

Munching away on

mustard, catsup and pickles

on a bun, oh my.


About this reality thing….

For whatever reason, reality has been in my fore-brain lately, meaning that I see it, or references to it, pretty much everywhere.   So here are a couple of quotes from books that caught my reality attention:

“She usually sets up shop just left of reality” (from Summon the Keeper, by Tanya Huff).

“I see this case the way a driver sees reality, as objects the headlights pick out and illuminate” (from The Fourth Man, by K. O. Dahl).

Imagine that!  My version of reality may be quite different from your version (indeed, I had always thought so but feared to tell you).  A lot like time, when you think about it.  So it’s a bit like words.  Long ago (at least it seems so now), I read somewhere that people in the USSR (that’s how long ago) see a different meaning in the word “freedom” than people in the US are accustomed to seeing.  It turned out to be a distinction between “freedom from” and “freedom to”, and we ordinarily do not add on the “from” or the “to”.  And these two authors whom I mentioned above got me to considering such distinctions and the possibilities that differing versions open up.

What are the “from’s” and the “to’s” of reality that we may not ordinarily consider?  What is in my headlights? (that changes from day to day, so can be a mite confusing to consider).  What is left of reality, or on its right side, or on top or below?  How do we choose (or do we choose) which side to call real?

From Tanya Huff again:  “If reality exists, then it stands to reason that there must be something on either side of it.”  From K.O. Dahl again: “Perhaps I ought to shift my perspective.”  Oh, what might we see if we make that shift!  Imagine!


The daily word today was “anachronism”, and I suddenly knew something about myself!  I am a person out of time.  I live in the future because I can imagine various me’s in different futures.  I live in the past because I have many many seemingly contradictory memories of who I have been.  I live in the present only to the extent that sometimes I wake up and I live a new me that might (in some rather long shot possibility) fit within current time.

This is really quite wonderful!  Lovely not to be stuck in my same old, same old–unless I choose to do so–in which case it is not a matter of being stuck.  This newly discovered freedom to be who and when and what I choose to be opens possibilities for adventures that will turn imagination into reality, however briefly.

Try it! Become an anachronism for a minute or two.