Fall sunrise.

I can always tell when Fall has actually arrived, because I always get a cold when the Fall season begins.  My birthday is in the early Fall, and I recall that I was more often than not sick with a cold on my birthday.  This, year, my cold waited a bit longer, but it did not forget.

On the other hand, Fall is a time of particular beauty.  I drove East over the Cascade mountains recently in the early pre-dawn hour.  When I left Seattle it was very dark, but when I started up the mountain it began to lighten.  Soon breathtaking sights began to appear around each corner as the sun rose and brought out the colors of the trees and sky and changed the shadows in the valleys.  By the time I crossed the pass and drove down the mountain on the east side, it was full day.  But one image in particular will stay with me:  as I approached the top of the pass, a wide and long finger of fog could be seen moving through the pass toward the west.  Beyond and above that long and low fog was the rose and blue bright beginning of day.  It was spectacular.

I admit that these images I saw on that trip are probably there for me to see every day.  But I see more sunsets than sunrises in my life.  Perhaps those who are early risers find particular beauty in the occasional sunset.  I think I appreciate the few sunrises I see far more because of their rarity.

Now, if I can just get rid of that cold.



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