August again and another meteor shower is coming up.  Tomorrow night is said to be the prime night for viewing the shower where I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I hope the city lights are not too bright.

I remember my sister and I and our friends would take our sleeping bags out on the lawn on the meteor night (any night in August would do, when we were kids) and stay awake ooh-ing and ah-ing until one by one we would fall asleep.  We called them shooting stars back then and they were wonderful to see.

As I grew older and gained a little knowledge (always dangerous), I learned that stars are suns, and I wondered why suns would shoot through the sky.  Now I know that my shooting stars are comet dust entering Earth’s atmosphere.  Not nearly as magnificent as stars being catapulted through the sky.

I suppose that the meteor shower is what John Denver was referencing when he sang of “fire in the sky”.  I will be out in my lawn chair tomorrow night from 11pm on until I fall asleep, watching the sky light up with the fire from stars hurtling across the universe.  I won’t even think of comet dust.


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