Oh, those dogs.

I admit to being a cat person and to never having shared my life with a dog.  But, if I am in need of a smile, I can always find one by looking for a dog or two.   Here, as an example, is a photo of Nash:




Is it possible to look at this and not smile?






Or, simply watch cars go by and note the dogs sitting in the passenger seat looking for all the world like interested observers of the passing world.  I often think, on first sight, that I am seeing a fairly hairy human glancing somewhat indifferently at me as the car glides by.

Sitting on a beach watching dogs play in the sand or in the water is always laughable.  Little dogs, big dogs, mutts and breeds all cannot seem to wait to be let loose to jump, speed, chase, and run in circles when they see a beach.  I could watch them all day and never stop smiling and laughing.

So you might wonder why I have never had a dog companion.  My life has been filled by cats, always.  They calm through purrs, love via rubs, and snore beautifully.  They are small enough to have a couple on the bed as warmers and to scare away the nightmares.  How delightful to wake to a cat in my face asking if I ever intend to get up and fill the food bowl.

But dogs?  I am so glad that so many other folks love these wonderful beings.  I have the best of both worlds–cats at home and dogs everywhere to bring a smile or a full blown laugh.


2 thoughts on “Oh, those dogs.

  1. This is delightful! I also am a great admirer of dogs…they are so eager to please us, unlike our cats. But, like you, I’ve never owned a dog of our own…always cats. As you may remember, I was raised around dogs. Actually, dogs AND cats, but the dogs require a lot of commitment and are sometimes pretty messy and smelly. Dogs do amuse me, however…I always wonder what they are thinking.

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