It’s Not the Flu

My car was damaged in the parking lot by a hit/run driver while I was in picking up my cat at the vet.  So yesterday I was at the body shop and the guy and I were in the lot checking out the damage (quite minor).  There was another person in the lot, an older woman who had just arrived and was making her way to the front door of the shop.  I looked up over the lot for some reason, and I spotted this rather large bear making its way across the lot diagonal to where we were all standing.  Yikes!

So the old lady sees the bear and starts crying and saying we are all going to get eaten and she is getting louder and louder.  I am a person who grows calmer as danger nears (you did not know that about me?  Have you been hibernating for a long time?), so I move toward the woman and attempt to quiet her, but it is way too late, for the bear has heard the cries and has begun to lumber our way.  Double yikes!

At this point, I move in front of the woman (where is the guy, anyway?) because the bear is picking up speed, scenting food as if we are the McDonald’s he was aiming for.  But then suddenly, the bear twitches his ears and turns to his left away from us and begins a really surprising run toward whatever he has noticed.  I look over and see this man on the lower step of a ladder as he pruned a tree.  The man does not see the bear, but the bear is almost on him.  There is only one thing to do, and I do it.  I yell BEAR!!!!! at the top of my lungs.

I wake up to see two cats in midair flying off the bed and the echo of my shout in my ears.  I lay awake for a while, waiting to see if my neighbors had called the police because they heard and were certain I was being attacked.  But eventually, I did fall back to sleep, the cats came back and all was well in dreamland.

But now, this morning, I have a bad sore throat.  It’s not the flu.



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