Falling Flakes of Frozen Fog. Foo.

The title may have depleted totally my creativity for a while, but I will try.  As you may have guessed, we have been having frozen fog for what seems like weeks now but is probably only many days.  On the first day and maybe a day or two after, frozen fog is actually quite beautiful.  Everything–literally–is white.  The trees, lawns, shrubs, everything is enclosed in fog and you can see the individual crystals and it truly is awesome.

Winter 2014

This is my rose bush, with the butterfly bush behind it.

After a week or two or three or however many it has been of this, though, the grayness becomes dispiriting–a heavy burden.  Colors fade, so evergreen trees become less green, more gray and white.  The sun never comes through the fog.  The landscape, while still lovely in its way, is all too “same”.   It takes a very close look to see any color at all.

Then, this morning, when I looked out I saw snow!  I almost jumped for joy, thinking this might be the end of the never-ending frozen fog!  It was almost as good as sun.  But no.  It was not snow.  It was flakes of frozen fog, falling, being replaced by more fog, freezing to branches, lawns, brains.  Pretty, but not sun and not snow, not even rain, just same.  Perhaps in February, flakes of frozen fog will no longer fall.



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