Happy Birthday Baby…

In honor of a special person on a special day, I baked a blackberry pie.  This is not to say that he would have wanted a blackberry pie, because he would very much rather have had a carrot cake.  However, I am the baker and he is not here, so I baked a blackberry pie because I really like them.  It is a small pie, because my sister in her wisdom only made and then froze small pie crusts for me.  It will probably be gone in a minute once it cools and I dig out the ice cream.  But it is nonetheless a special pie for a special person on a special day.

The picture of this special person sitting on my desk as I type is glaring at me.  I chose this picture for my desk because he often did glare at me when I was typing.  There is, in fact, a sticker on my wall above the monitor that says, “mean, rotten, and unreasonable”.  We got that sticker jointly when I was working on my dissertation, and those three words did describe me much of the time I sat at the keyboard either staring into space or typing furiously and cursing under my breath.  The special person would send in the cat to see how things were going.  If the cat ran away, he would come in and glare and point to the sticker on the wall.  If the cat did not return to the hallway, the special person would come in smiling and ask what’s for dinner?  Either way, a laugh would follow and off we’d all go, down our own really cool yellow brick road.  I have a picture of that too, but it is private.  Did I mention that he is smiling, too, in the picture in which he is glaring?  Imagine that, if you can.

Next year, I may bake a carrot cake in his honor.  Or not.  He really never cared what I baked, just that I did.  For him.

Happy birthday, baby.




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