Time, Uncorked

Time seems to be in the fore-frontal lobe lately.  Partly it is because of spring and daylight savings time (what is being saved?) and the glorious happenings of the season.  Partly because some of those happenings require alarm clocks.  So I need to think about things like the meaning of “leisure time”, and “civilized time” as I attempt to come to grips with how either of those could in the farthest realm of imagination be connected to alarm clocks.

This all came about because I joined a golf club to get myself out to play.  I do enjoy walking around the courses, hitting the ball (supposing I can find it) every once in a while as I wander leisurely in a general criss-cross pattern over lovely green grass of varying heights.  So I joined a club that plays the full 18 holes, the better to enjoy the experience.  The problem arose because as the weather gets warmer, the club start times get earlier, so that at this stage they want me to be there ready to golf at 8am.  As if.  As I am not now and never have been an early riser, getting to the course on time requires setting the alarm clock.

Keep in mind that golf is a leisure activity for me.  Not a pro by any stretch of the imagination, this is a game I play for fun (I can hear the laughing, please do keep it down).  Leisure means relaxed, enjoyable, and all the other words that describe something that sort of floats and brings smiles.  As I have mentioned before, alarm clocks bring none of those feelings.  I am jarred awake at 6am and spend the next hours trying to calm my shattered nerves.  This is not conducive to hitting a spectacular drive on the first tee, or any tee for that matter.  It takes the first nine holes to calm me down to the point where leisure sets in.  Unfortunately, by then my score is so high it has brought my blood pressure to the point of breaking, which means the back nine score is even worse.

Given all of this, I must conclude that golf is actually not a leisure activity when played early in the day, before the birds have even awoken to laugh at my hazardous journey to the next green.  So now I have joined a nine hole golf league that plays in the late afternoon.  Hopefully that will bring leisure back to the game, and satisfy my mind about the true meaning of leisure time.

However.  As I have been musing about leisure time, I ventured to the concept of civilized time.  Back in the day when we had two classes of people (I should say back in the earlier day), the gentry slept late while the servant/worker/slave classes were awoken early to prepare and serve them.  No upper class lady was fit to meet the day until at least noon.  Salons were held in the afternoons.   Civilized time (clearly a class concept but perhaps it can be saved)  meant doing activities at one’s leisure or at least not in the early morning hours, which were meant only for the working class.

Let’s think of it as retirement time.  No work schedule to meet.  Set one’s own schedule, so that morning people can meet with other morning people, night people with other such folks, and afternoon people with everyone else.  No one is required to become a different time person, but of course can if they so choose.  This seems civilized to me.  I do believe the world would be a better place if we were all allowed to be the type of time-person we are born to be, and this would in my empire apply to every person, not just the retired class.  Me for dictator!

This all needs more thought.  In the meantime, I will golf early occasionally, and meet my friends on their time.  This will show consideration for others and for myself–civility.  I expect my civility to last until the next alarm goes off.


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