The sound of dreams shattering.  The sound of bubbles bursting, of inflated egos crashing to earth.  The sound of visions of stardom falling.  Hearing the cuts falling to the editing room floor.  A terrible noise, expected yet not.

Last night, my zombie episode appeared on Z-Nation.  Remember the hours in make-up?  The shoots, resets,shoots?  The hours of waiting, then action!  Ah well.  My total appearance in the episode was a shot of the top and back of my head going through the door to the morgue.  Most of the scenes we spent those hours working on were cut.  Me with them.

I truly was a great zombie!  Maybe next year (they have officially been awarded a second season, although it is not certain yet that they will film here).  I am not giving up.  There is still the judge.

And the commercial!  Not to mention the movie scene!  Perhaps I have not mentioned those?  I played half of an “elderly couple” (how dare they?) in a Northern Quest Casino commercial.  We were walking in the door to the casino.  The movie was admittedly a student film, but I played an attendee at the funeral of a pirate mom that was filmed in a local funeral home.

Perhaps there is hope!  There need not be another splat!  Once heard, though, the deafening sound cannot be undone.   All I can say is, I have the acting bug, and I mean to continue trying.  Lights.  Camera.  Action!!!!!!


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