Sweet Guilt

Before we begin, let me say that I know what you are going to think.  You will say to yourselves, “get a life, girl”.  But I still want to write this, so mellow out.

This year, for the first time in many many years, I did not carve pumpkins, did not don my devil ears, did not answer the door to little goblins and princesses with growls or smiles.  I did not provide candy to the little monsters walking the streets and banging on the doors on Halloween.  I felt lazy.  It was raining.  My back hurt.  I knew I would eat the candy.  Not so many kids come around anymore.  All perfectly good reasons, and yet….

Boy, am I feeling guilty!

I can clearly remember the fun we had trick-or-treating when we were kids.  Mom would put together costumes for us and off we would go, bags in hand, knowing we would be coming home with tons of sweet stuff to munch on for days afterward.  Other kids all over the place doing the same thing.  We would go all over the neighborhood without a care in the world except the fear that no one would have the really good candy for us.  It was just plain fun!

I know the streets are meaner nowadays, and there have truly been fewer kids coming to my door.  Those that do come have parents with them, watching carefully.  Sometimes the parents are also costumed, and it is easy to see that everyone is having a good time.  And those little guys!  What fun!  The two-handed grabs, then back for more before dad can stop them.  Eyes only on the candy bowl, and sometimes on my devil ears too.

So I am feeling guilty because I did not provide the kids candy this year.  Did not add to tooth decay and obesity and sugar addictions.  And my smile turned upside down.  Next year, I will  carve at least two pumpkins, to make up for none this year.  I will have twice as much candy–especially Baby Ruth and Butterfingers (my favorites, in case the kids have given up on me).  I will add a black witch’s cape to the devil ears and perfect my zombie growl.

So there.  Fun is hard to come by nowadays, and not just for the kids.  Oh, and, by the way, I actually do have a life!  It revolves around the ears.


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