The Toes Have It

I have been on earth for some while.  I recently had a birthday which has put me a bit beyond middle age, even upper middle age.  I am now probably in mildly low older age.  So you would think I haven’t a lot left to learn–but I had a revelation yesterday while on a brisk walk (it was quite cold, wind chill around zero–very brisk walk).  To understand this amazing realization, you need a little background about toes and me.

When I was rather young I wanted nothing more than to be a ballerina, to dance on my toes.  It was not to be, although mom and dad did allow us to take tap lessons.  Those did not satisfy me, but my sister apparently liked them.  Toe dancing, that was my dream.  Even had the parents agreed, it turns out I haven’t a clue about beats and how they relate to dancing (unless my eyes are closed.  I met my former husband at the Whiskey a Go Go in San Francisco.  He was intrigued because I always danced with my eyes closed.  That is another story, though.)  So anyway, toes lost my interest for quite some time.  Except, of course, for standing on tiptoe to see things. (If you think about that, you realize it is not standing on tips of toes that you are doing, you are standing on toes–that is just one more reminder of how important toes are).  But toe-standing was not the same as toe dancing.

Eventually, however, toes became important again.  My toes, when compared to a variety of other toes, are really quite beautiful.  Long, slender, attached to pretty nice feet.  Bob, who admitted to being a “knee man”, eventually was won over to becoming a “toe man” in terms of standards of loveliness after seeing how very graceful my toes were.  I began to dream about being a foot model.  Perhaps that is why I am now so happy to be zombie modeling.  Anyway.  Foot modeling seemed one of those dreams that remain just dreams, as practicality demanded an actual income.  My toes provided beauty, but not money.

When I retired from my practical life, my signature line became “these toes were made for sand”.  And indeed, for digging in sand, there is nothing like my toes.  The good part of that is I really, really love beaches, so my toes get a lot of sand time.  Beaches also allow me to spend a little time admiring my toes, because who wears shoes on beaches?

So, toes have always been important to me.  But yesterday!  I discovered that toes are also made for walking!  Who knew?  Walking is ever so much easier and more fun when toes are brought into play. One can glide rather than bounce if toes are used.  Now I am very sure that when I beach-walk I am using my toes as propellers, but I do not think I have ever thought about using toes to propel while wearing shoes.  Perhaps because I cannot see them when I have walking shoes on.  Whatever.  Now that I have discovered this new way of walking, I see how those runway models glide so wonderfully, and I have a whole new dream.  Barefoot runway model!  Or, thinking more realistically, barefoot zombie.

Toes and dreams.  Lovely.


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