The Sprung Spring Ramble

Unbelievable.  Snow continues to be expected.  Snow has been expected for about three months now.  So much for expectations.  Sun has been unexpected, yet the sun has been seen nearly every day.  Except for those foo frozen fog days.  Golf courses have opened, then closed  due to cold temperatures.  But there have been months with record high temperatures. Crocuses have come out of winter hiding and are looking perky.  Yellows in the form of daffodils and forsythia are about to pop.  But, snow is still expected.

Springs are always just a bit unbelievable.  All that dead stuff suddenly isn’t.  Surprisingly, in spite of my black thumb, little green things appear.  People smile a bit more.  A little less coffee is required to meet the day.  Speaking of that, we are now saving daylight again.  Why bother, I wonder?  Daylight is a little like time–can you really save it?  Where’s the bank?  I could use a bit of daylight in the dead times and it would be great to be able to hit the bank and withdraw a little.  Oh well.

In just a little while, the summer solstice will remind us that winter will be here in the blink of an eye.  But we don’t have to think about that right this minute.  Spring brings color, light, storms (because Nature can get a little cranky with the smaller cups of coffee).  A little more optimism naturally blooms; it becomes more difficult to hold a grudge.  All those people whose birthdays are in the spring are very lucky–people feel good and are somewhat more generous with the gift-giving.

However.  Snow is still expected.  That’s spring.


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