Waiting…….waiting…….still waiting…….here it is!  The first snow of April!  Yes, the forecasters have been “expecting” snow all winter, and today it came.  Almost a whole inch.  I actually did one of those double takes, thinking I was seeing white rain, when it was really actually snow.  I had almost forgotten what that looked like.  Quite pretty, really.  Of course, by this afternoon, it was gone, but we did have winter….in April.  Good grief.  Just as I was about to get the old golf clubs out and cleaned up.

Seriously, this late snow is very welcome.  It may have killed the tulips, lilacs, and all other spring bloomers, but that will simply make the garden easier to keep clean in the coming months.  Also, I don’t have to move the winter clothes into storage yet, and I might still find a use for those old cross-country skis I got at a garage sale 20 years ago and used twice since then.  I’d love to get a third use in before I sell them at my own garage sale (yes, upcoming).

Tomorrow should be nice and sunny, spring-y, really, except for the fact that it will be COLD.  April showers might be white again!


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