Squirrels interruptus

It surely must be spring now, even though hail and snow fell in between the rain showers yesterday.  But, when the squirrels start to enjoy my deck in spring fashion, I know the season has changed.

You will recall Fatso, my resident squirrel (thanks to Bob’s youngest son and my sister, neither of whom could resist Fatso’s cuteness and fed him yummies). It seems he has found a lady friend.  I happened to look out onto the deck a few days ago, on a nice warm sunny day, to see the two of them engaged in (hmmm, what can I call it?) a lot of intimate activity on the deck railings.  They enjoyed each other for quite a bit of time, chittering all the time, taking breaks to groom each others’ face and ears.  I did try to look the other way to give them some privacy, but I guess I am a voyeur at heart, not to mention getting a good laugh at their various efforts.  It was actually not really clear that they had any idea what they were up to, but with experience…  Anyway.  After some time, they disengaged, and Fatso laid himself out flat on the railing, front paws stretched forward and back paws draping over the rail.  He gave a very big yawn and simply fell sound asleep with a smile.  His lady friend watched Fatso, finished her own cigarette, and did the same on the rail directly above Fatso, yawn included.

They sunned themselves for a while.  I was tempted to toss out some peanuts, but I did not want to interrupt their well-being.  I did thank them for the show, however, and for reminding me that love is everywhere.  Especially in spring.


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