The Thing About Spring

Just as I got myself into my gardening outfit (doesn’t everyone have an outfit for everything?) to plant some potatoes, the sun disappeared and a lovely rainstorm took its place.  Also, Tuesday it was 77, and Thursday (counting the wind chill factor) more like 35.  Supposed to get to 78 next Tuesday.  Come on, Momma N, this is getting a little too unpredictable!  It is sort of fun, though.  The colors make up for quite a lot.  Lilacs are almost blooming, forsythia has faded already, and the bright greens of the shrubs are taking their place.  I suppose strolling the garden in the rain is sometimes delightful, but digging in the rain is less so.  Also I am a little lazy about these things.  So I have donned my sitting inside to read a good book outfit.  Later, I may put on the bake a cookie or two outfit, but we will see.

That’s the thing about spring, though.  The weather and my outfits change rapidly.  It’s quite a lot of fun keeping up.  I think tomorrow I will get out the old going out shopping outfit (haven’t worn that one for a while, what with all the online goods available to browse).  I would not want to run out of outfits before I run out of spring.


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