Forty Pounds of Fur

Is it not amazing?  One cat weighs about 9 pounds, and the other clocks in at close to 14 pounds (we used to call her the “little one” before she started packing on the pounds).  But it is getting warm hereabouts as an early summer has set in (yippee).  Each day I brush each cat.  And I swear!  Each day I take about 40 pounds of fur from each cat.  I would not lie to you.  And that’s not even counting the fur I get up my nose and in my mouth if I forget to close it, not to mention the fur that each cat leaves behind as she strolls through the house.  Not to mention either the fur-balls that each hacks up on a regular schedule.

I had at one time a book titled something like “Crafting with Cat Fur”, and until I was laughed out of the house, I had begun to save the no-longer-needed cat fur from my little dears so that I could create a fur purse or shawl or whatever.  As summer continues its wonderful-ness, and becomes a real summer at the appropriate time for summer to actually arrive here (we have been known to have snow in June in the not so far distant past), I expect that my fur piles would long since have overrun the house and garage and whatever storage unit I was required to rent to store the excess cat fur over the years.  This year’s early warmth would have broken the poor camel’s back.  Can you sell cat fur?  It’s clean!  Truly.

However, I stopped saving the fur a while back.  So now I can brush and brush and sweep and sweep, and not worry about where all this fur is going to be stored and whether I will ever actually create something with it.  What I do wonder about, though, is how it is possible for these cats to lose so very much fur and still have lovely fur coats.  If science could unlock that secret, surely the world would be a better place.  In winter, anyway.


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