PC in a Grocery Aisle

So here I am, in line behind a woman with a full cart, and my own little basket has six items.  She wanders away to locate a forgotten item, then returns and starts putting her items on the belt.  Just then, a new cashier says, ‘I can help the next person in line.  I fast-walk over and put my basket down.  The woman comes up behind me, and says, “nice running’ but I was ahead of you”.  She clearly thinks I should give way.  Meantime, the young cashier has begun ringing up my stuff, but he pauses a moment to see what I will do.  I smile at him, he smiles back and carries on. The woman says, “not very PC, you know”.  I look at her and say that I agree.  Cashier smiles, I smile.  Woman says, “You have so few items, I probably would have let you go ahead anyway.”  I smile, cashier smiles.  I say, “You didn’t before, why would I expect you to now?”  No comment.  I hand over cash.  Cashier smiles, I smile.  He says, “You have a nice day now”.  We smile.


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