Breath on Cheek

One of the many things I love about living with cats is that we all give and take.  I realize that most non-cat people believe that cats are all take and no give, but when they are in your life, it seems there is a lot more cat give than cat take.  My case in point this evening:  cats breathe.

Note that this is not about cat breath.  While cat breath has got to be a hundred times more smellable than dog breath, there is a limit to my acceptance of tuna as a scent to live with.  No.  I am talking about when my cats close their mouths and breathe on my face.  This happens most often when I am brushing one or the other, and I get up close.  Little soft breezes come in regularly, and I move my cheek up close and in their direct paths.  I can also get this gift in the wake-up moments–when one or the other is waking me up and comes up close to see if I am really asleep.  If they are starving (or think they are anyway), I get the tuna breath, but if they just want to see me open my eyes, they may just give me a breath or two on my brow or cheek.

My, my.  Cat perfect.


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