Rainy Days and Tuesdays

No, it did not rain today, but it should have.  It also should have rained yesterday, Monday, but it didn’t.  I expect that it will certainly rain Thursday, though, because that is the day I have volunteered to help out at a golf tournament.  It did rain for about five minutes a week or so ago.  I had almost forgotten how wonderful the sound and smell of rain after a parched period can be.  It had poured down rain–cats and dogs rain, buckets rain, torrents of rain–as I was driving home from the ocean, but it stopped before I got home.

Tuesday is garbage day for me, so that is another reason it should have rained today.  It is also the day I usually try to play some afternoon golf, but it has been too hot to trot on the golf course almost all summer (or I am just a wimp).  So if it is not going to rain on all of these days when it should have, I just know it will rain when it should not.  I suppose this is because I am just one old person, and rain has a lot of other persons to try to make happy at this time of year.  Maybe some of those people are even having birthdays and have really not wanted the rain to rain on that particular parade.

However, as we all know, the rain in Spain does fall mainly on the plain.  I don’t live in Spain, so I guess I have to take their word for it.  I do live on a plain, though, so if it is going to rain, I would think it would rain here.

Rain, rain, come again?


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