Winter CatCast

As I was brushing the cats the other day, I noticed that there wasn’t much fur on the brush, not nearly as much as there has been (see the Forty Pounds of Fur post!).  Hmmm, I muttered.  Better get the flannel sheets and winter blankies on the bed.  Sure enough, when I checked the upcoming weather week, we are going back to our normal October temperatures–highs in low 60’s and lows in mid-to-high 30 ‘s.  Rather different from the quite abnormal mid-to-high daytime 70’s we’ve been having.

Both cats are looking a lot heftier than they did last week.  Amazing how thick the fur can get overnight!  They are bundling up and curling up–no more long cats until spring, I think.  There have to be some old legends from the Farmer’s Almanac about cats predicting seasonal changes in the weather.  I suppose if I were feeling at all energetic, I could look it up.  At the moment, however, I prefer to just say:  the more fur, the colder the winter.  I think it’s gonna be a cold one!


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