Questionable Questions

You’ve heard the saying:  “be careful what you ask for”?  Well, similarly, it sometimes is a good thing to be careful about what you say to people–me, for example.  This particular story occurred a long while back, during my San Francisco years.  For some reason, I recently told the story to my sister, who choked on her tea and cracked up upon hearing the telling.  So, beware.

Back in the day, or even before the day, I was involved with a fellow for a while.  We got along pretty well, and he once told me that I could ask him anything and he would answer.  Well.  That was quite an opening.  As it happens, there had been a question on my mind for quite some time that I had never had the nerve to ask–not even of my husband.  But eventually, I decided that since Joe had said he would answer anything, I went ahead and asked.

My question was:  how does it feel to have that stuff hanging between your legs?

OK, so picture the scene.  We are in a car, he was driving, it was night, and we had been to a dance club and had a couple of drinks (I was into Black Russians at that time).  Maybe had any of those circumstances been different, I would not have asked.  But I did.  I bet I am not the only female ever to wonder, either.  However.

Joe choked, gasped, and yelled “what kind of a question is that?!” and the car swerved a bit on the road.  Well, I said, you did say I could ask you anything.  When he had himself and the car back under control, he agreed that he had indeed said that.  So he answered.

So yes, perhaps there are questions that should really not be asked, and especially not of a person who had had a few and was driving a fast car on a dark night.  But, there is that curiosity thing, and it is not just for cats.  Anyway, I had my answer and life went on, although not with Joe.


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