PUMVSUV Attractant

Well, this is a rant, of sorts.  Sorry.  Well, maybe not so sorry.  Anyway.

My car and I were hit by a car in a parking lot a few years ago.  I had been surrounded by minivans and SUVs and was slowly backing out without being able to see much of anything because I own an actual car, a medium size car.  And this guy ran right into my rear (my car’s rear, that is).  My insurance company said it was my fault since I was backing out.  I said, well, but the only person who could have avoided the accident was the guy who could see.  They said, but you should not have backed out if you could not see.  So, I guess I was supposed to wait until the owners of the vehicles surrounding me came out from their shopping and vacated their spaces.  Ah well.  I now have a new insurance company.

Since then, though, I have always found a parking spot as far away from the entrance as possible, preferably an end spot with no other vehicles anywhere near.  Sometimes this strategy actually works and I can leave my parking spot safely with a full round view of the lot.  However, more often than not, when I come back to my poor little car, it is surrounded by minivans, SUVs, and pickups.  This is in spite of the fact that we will be the only vehicles in that part of the lot, with many empty parking spaces not right next to me.  These guys love my car!

It could be the furnishings.  My sister admires the way I have furnished my car–even though she would never furnish her own car, in spite of my efforts.  I give her little car furnishing gifts, you know.  She actually just installed one in her car!  Success at last.  On the road to a fully furnished sister-car.  Anyway, I have fully furnished my little car inside and out, and maybe that is what is attracting these other vehicles.  They surround my guy to keep her safe.  If that is so, then I had better find a furnishing that will give the impression of bulk, heft, dangerous-ness, leave-me-alone-or-pay-the-dues.  I shall give the matter some thought. Maybe a snarling Sylvester sticker?

In the meantime, I am a strong advocate for separate lot areas for regular cars, away from the big non-see-through vehicles.   Then they can wrangle with only guys like themselves.  It’s only fair.


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