While I am certain that all cat people believe that their own cats are top notch and brilliant, I am here to tell you that for absolute sure, my cat is the toppest notch and most brilliant of all.  Both of them, of course, but the elder of the two is the Puzzler.

puzzle helper

Here you see the Puzzler at work.  Note the tail.  It is in mid-switch, about to point out the positioning of the piece she will momentarily choose with her little sweet nose–or maybe her claw, but only if I don’t respond fast enough.  It is just amazing how she is able to find the proper piece with her back to the puzzle, but she does!

The puzzle has since been completed, with a few exceptions.  Somewhere there are a couple of pieces that she has secreted in one of her cat hidey-holes for future play.  That, of course, is the prerogative of the Puzzler.  She did not want to make it seem too easy, for fear of getting a reputation as a puzzle-it-all.  She will undoubtedly make those pieces appear when the next puzzle box is opened.

Although I suppose she may have just eaten them.


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