It’s Still Dark!

One of the very best things about retirement has been that I could completely ignore the fact that clocks come with alarms.  So this week when I was required to awaken at 6:15am (AM!!!) for two days to attend a tax training, I was forced to dig out the instructions on setting the alarm on my clock.  I did figure it out, but did you know that it is still VERY DARK at 6:15am?  I had forgotten that too.

I actually did arrive on time for those two days.  Yes, it surprised me too, but Dad always insisted on being on time for whatever, and I guess that is one of the lessons I did actually learn in spite of all the daughterly protests against learning anything at all from one’s parents.

But.  This morning–it is almost too awful to write–at 6:18am, my youngest cat (age 14) woke me up in her usual really loud way.  She MEOWED LOUD several times.  Then she patted my cheek to be sure I had really understood that it was time to get up.  This after just two days of the early awakening routine!  I said from way under the covers, “cat, are you aware that it is still very dark outside, and that I have no where that I must be at this horrid time of day?”  She refused to admit to her mistake, said “meow” and purred, and I knew she was taking the high road and falling back on the “well, I didn’t want you to be late, just in case you actually did have something important to do, but since you are awake, food bowl needs work” excuse.

But it was still dark!!!!  Think tears. But she purred.  How can you not forgive a purring kitty?


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