The Wobbles

Fatso is in the news here again.  We had a really scary windstorm here back in November.  Over a thousand trees blew down, a number of them right around my house, although luckily none actually hit the house.  The trees knocked down power lines all over the city and it was eight days before power was restored to my street.  But the story is about a later, related, event that may have brought dear Fatso near to ruin.

People who came close to having trees fall on their homes, or who actually did have trees fall on their homes during the windstorm have been cutting down remaining trees that might have been damaged and could fall in the next round of storms.  My neighbor in back and one house over had a lovely pine tree right on the property line and hence right next to the power lines.  He decided to remove the tree.  The people he hired may have been his friends or relatives, or he was just unlucky, but I can tell you that I knew a great deal more about cutting down trees safely than those guys did.  I watched out my window with my phone in my hand to use to call the emergency ambulance when they either fell out of the tree or electrocuted themselves.  The case turned out to be the latter, but it was not themselves that they electrocuted, it was Fatso and his dear lovely.

The reason I think old Fatso got more power than he wanted is that he became wobbly.  He could not sit up without falling over.  So this funny old guy could not sit on his hind legs and hold the peanuts in his front paws while he munched.  He fell down every time and had to eat like a cat (oh heavens!).  His friend was doing the same.  I was throwing peanuts out all the time for fear they would starve.  But after a while, they both started to improve a bit and now they seem to be almost normal again.

Now I could take the credit for this improvement, but I am an honest person, so I give credit where it is actually due.  Fatso came by to see the Doc, and she worked her magic, and Fatso is fine.  I happened to be in the room while the patient was seeing the Doc, and the picture I took of the Doc working with Fatso  is below.

There is no moral to the story.  I just thought you’d all like to know that the saga of Fatso will continue, thanks to the Doc.

Lady and Fatso


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