Recently I discovered how very long it takes to think.  I may have known this a long time, but never have I thought about think time, until now.  My discovery (or rediscovery) was occasioned by my reading a book by Kim Stanley Robinson called The Years of Rice and Salt, which speaks a lot about how people discover things, particularly about time and space. During my reading, I realized that I spend a great deal of my time thinking about things, without being necessarily aware that I am doing that.  I expect that for many of you, my new understanding of spending my time thinking will generate a laugh.  Of course we think and of course thinking takes time.  But, have you ever sat down and calculated just how much time thinking actually takes?

In addition to the rather huge amounts of time thinking takes, there is the issue of thunking.  Thunking happens when what I am thinking about hits a corner or a wall, and falls to the floor–thunk.  Perhaps you have had this problem too?  I really do not want to sit down and add up the absolutely incredible number of thunks that have occurred in my life, but kerthunking has been happening a lot, particularly lately, because lately I have been doing quite a lot of thinking, and science will eventually show that thinking results in thunking.  I do not, however, think that we need to wait for science on this one (thunk).  I think if I think about it, I will discover on my own that my thoughts lead to thunks on a regular basis.  But…every once in a while, I get a wow rather than a thunk.  What a glorious feeling that is.  I may not be generating profundity, but I am generating something.  Something that maybe will lead other people to think and thunk.

And thought will go on, as will the universe.  Consider this:  no thunk, no thought.  Think about it!  There is time.


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