Sartorial Happiness

Anyone who knows me will know that I am not much aware of what I am wearing.  I really don’t often think about “putting together” an outfit.  More likely, I stick my arm into the closet and wear what comes out attached to it.  That does not mean, though, that I cannot recognize a well put-together outfit and admire it.

So anyway, I was at my local the other week and this fellow came in.  Young fellow, he was, accompanied by a very attractive and well put together young lady.  This is what he (not she, he) was wearing.  Skinny white pants.  Lilac collared shirt.  Red, white, and light blue plaid blazer.  And a tie with a white background and bright pink flowers all over it.  He looked absolutely marvelous!

Being an older woman, I doubt anyone cared that I could not stop staring at this young man with a goofy happy grin all over my face.  Talk about “make my day”!  I will always be grateful to this guy for having the courage to actively choose this combination of clothing and wear it without concern as to what anyone else might think.  I sincerely hope that he noticed me admiring his taste as he and his companion carried out their purchases.  Every time I think of him and his outfit, I have to grin.

Like Johnny Appleseed, this fellow spread happiness all over the place.  I hope you get to see him, or another like him.  I hope you ARE him when you open your closet door!


One thought on “Sartorial Happiness

  1. I used to have a blazer like that, but the response it evoked when I wore it was more along the lines of “Oh, so the circus is in town”.

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