It has been brought to my attention by family and friends that I have a strong reaction to coffee.  As I normally drink coffee all by my lonesome, I was not aware of the problem, if problem it really is (I asked the cat, and she said “not a problem”, but she sleeps through most anything).  After I sip a few sips in company, however, I begin to chatter.  This phenomenon is sometimes called “stream of consciousness”, which is simply talking about whatever comes to mind and continuing to talk wherever what has come to mind a moment ago leads you–and so on.  Apparently, I generate not merely a stream, but a veritable Mississippi River of consciousness when I coffee up.

Sometimes, I seem able to hold the river back—dam it up, so to speak.  However, as was recently pointed out by my own self (a self-realization moment), I must let the words flow sometime.  My exact words were, “have you noticed that I drank coffee and have not chattered–right up until now?”–and off I went, riding the current of my mind.

Is it any wonder that this blog is called “echoes of the mind”?  Given the title, who can object when those echoes simply have to be stated?  I suppose I should write more?  Or drink less?   Or move to the wilderness, to a place where there is a good local nearby but otherwise no one to hear my chatterbugging? At the least, I should maybe wear a little sign that says “beware, chatterbugger” when I converse at my local with people who don’t know me.  Or just let my family and friends laugh and let the unknowns run if they want or jump in and ride the current with me if not?  I think I will listen to the cat–she is a wise lady.


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