Off-limit Shops

When I was a bit younger, I could not pass a stationery store without looking at everything before choosing something to buy.  I still have stationery that I purchased xx years ago and can still not bring myself to give away to someone who actually still writes letters and notes with paper and pen.

After my stationery phase, I went into book mode.  This was when bookstores were still all over the place instead of mostly online.  Bookstores are absolutely wonderful places to spend a day, especially a nice rainy fall day.  They have comfortable chairs you can relax in to test a book, they are reasonably quiet, and often there is a coffee shop attached.  All the comforts.  Of course, having spent all that time in the store, it would be impolite to not buy a book or two to take home.  That all changed when Bob informed me that we had run out of walls that could be covered with bookcases and also he refused to build me any more bookcases anyway.  Libraries are my thing now, and I must tell you, they don’t cost anything at all!  Unless you forget to return the books.

Anyway, there is unfortunately a relatively new to me sort of store that I am now addicted to–fabric stores.  This all started when I decided to re-upholster the couch.  I had discovered that you really don’t have to know how to sew to do upholstery.  As it happens, I seem unable to sew a relatively straight line, so this new discovery was delightful.  The problem is that I cannot seem to make a firm choice of fabric with which to cover my furniture.  So I have been spending quite a bit of time over the last few years wandering around fabric stores perusing the available upholstery fabrics.  Most unfortunately, I buy something almost every time, and I am now running out of chairs and such to recover with my growing pile of perfectly lovely fabrics.  I fear that my next stage will be furniture stores and that would be a disaster–I have almost stopped shopping at every yard sale in town to buy old furniture and I really really do not want to start again.  But just this morning, I picked up my fabric store coupons (they keep sending these to me, knowing I find them irresistible) and went over to my local outlet and bought a bunch of fabric–some of which is going to require that I actually do sew a straight line.

I think perhaps, since I have actually given away most of the yarn that I accumulated at one stage not mentioned above, that I should go back to being addicted to yarn.  It certainly does not require a lot of shelves to hold the various skeins, and is not bulky like furniture.  Also is not so heavy.  But then I would have to knit or crochet and that is not something I am very competent at either.  If I were competent, I would not have had to give away lots of yarn–I could have been giving away lots of sweaters instead.

I could write a whole lot of notes and letters, then try to find a stationery store–rare, nowadays.  Better yet, maybe, I could move to a very small home.  Or collect cats?



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