Stand-off at the deck

This morning there was a tense (and loud) standoff on the deck.  I had let the cat out to enjoy what may be our last sunny day until spring.  But, Fatso (the squirrel) and his friend were waiting for the sound of the deck door opening to come for the possibility of acorns being strewn (by me, I do admit) on the deck.  So, here’s the cat (who is old and going deaf) sitting sweetly and meowing loudly in enjoyment of the sun or the birds or both.  And there’s the two squirrels sitting on the railing chattering and waving their tails like crazy, with their eyes flitting between me (standing by the door inside) and the cat.  I am poised to open the door and chase away Fatso if he and his friend move on the cat (they would never get another acorn at this house!).  Back and forth, back and forth their eyes went.

The stand-off ended peacefully.  The cat settled in for a nap with her back to Fatso and friend.  The squirrels took a last look at me and ran back into the spruce tree they call home.  I went to refill my coffee cup.  Mishap avoided.  All is well (except that I drank too much coffee this morning–more on that later).



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