Maybe you thought this would be about how to exercise a cat?  Well, no, not exactly. Rather, I just wanted to briefly explain how my cat coaches me as I attempt to exercise. Because I seem to have a back that does not always want to hold my head up, I have a series of exercises to do each day, mostly involving lying on said back on the floor and waving arms and legs around.  This seems to create a very tempting “you did not feed me my several treats and other good things today and now it is payback time” situation for my cat (that’s my point of view of her actions, not hers, as you will see).

So there I was lying on the floor doing supine bicycle and here she comes.  My belly looked to be an excellent spot to hold a cat at just the right level to allow her to stand and stare into my eyes as I pedaled the air.  I did not really mind being stared at as I pedaled, but when she decided that I was simply not working hard enough, things got a little rough.  Cats, for you non-cat-people, have rather sharp claws that they like to use to knead sleeping spots to make them more comfortable, among other things such as sharpening said claws.  Unfortunately, cat kneading or sharpening on a belly while attempting to out-stare a cat and finishing the set is a bit problematic.  Think “ow” “ow” “ow” for the count, with a “meow” “meow” “meow” from the trainer.

The session ended early, as you might imagine, but the purring overcame the pain and the cat turned round and round until she had my belly in the correct state for a little nap. Perhaps tomorrow she will push me even harder.  “Yow”.


One thought on “Cat-ercise

  1. So glad I was able to find your blog, Sandie! Why do cats always go for the belly? In my case it’s the extra adipose tissue, but I can’t imagine that you have much.

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