Knegative Knitting

A few days ago, I read that there are people who can knit fifty stitches in a minute.  I must have read it wrong–could that even be possible?  I have been knitting (you can laugh) for about fifty years and I am not sure I have completed fifty stitches in that time.  Seriously.  I started knitting a sweater in 1968 for my then-husband.  I think I still have the one-third finished sweater around somewhere.  An aunt of his who was visiting us from Iran watched me knit one time, and she told me she could show me how to knit a little faster.  She did, but she knit so fast I could not see what she was doing, so that lesson did not work so well.

I decided to knit a lovely vest for Bob to give him for a birthday present shortly after we became a couple (about thirty-five years ago).  That vest I finally unraveled (there were about twenty completed rows) a year or so after he died.  I have a lovely sweater I am knitting for myself that I have been knitting for myself for approximately thirty years.  So far, I have not reached the armholes (started from the bottom).  Are you seeing a pattern here?

Part of my problem is that, while I am aware that there are people who can knit standing up and even walking, I can only knit sitting down.  Preferably sitting down around a campfire by the ocean.  That sort of limits the light available to me to a few minutes between dinner and dark.  I have tried to sit and knit at home, but there are cats, and cookies (not to mention pies) and books and such, so a stitch or two an hour is about my speed at home.

The real issue is that my knitting does not always turn out the way it is supposed to according to the pattern picture.  I won’t go into the gory details, but if you think I am a bad sew-er (perhaps I meant seamstress?), you will think I am the best in town when compared to my knitting prowess.  So I spend a good deal of my knitting minutes tearing out the stitches I have just completed and beginning again.  Also, when projects go on for decades, I seem to lose the pattern directions and have no way to proceed, so unraveling and beginning again with a new pattern becomes necessary.

I have, however, completed one or two projects of which I am quite proud. A scarf, and a hat.  And some dog collars (the dogs might have just been trying to be nice–I am not sure they really liked the collars).  Not such a good record given the number of years we are talking about here.  I thought that when I retired, I would knit, and I have–a scarf and a hat and some dog collars.  I think I may be about ready to pick up that thirty-year sweater.  I do like the colors and the pattern, and I think it will fit again now (over time, I have gotten bigger and then smaller, and I began the sweater in a small size, which is one reason why it is still sitting there without armholes, but really, I think it might fit me now).  I should be able to advance the project to the armtops (shoulders in knitting parlance) in the next few years, if my knitting does not turn knegative again.

Maybe instead I will just go to the yarn shop and find a new pattern for a scarf, or a hat. Or, I could try a cat collar!  Beats unraveling.


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