I always thought that “anytime” actually meant “any time”, but I learned today that I have been wrong.  My auto repair place has what are called “pit stops” that are similar (I think) to the pit stops in NASCAR races, where tires and fluids are replaced (quite quickly) so that the car can continue to go around in circles (ovals?).  These pit stops at my auto shop are free and they top off liquids such as oil and send you on your way.  I received a notice that pit stops are on again and an invitation to “come any time”.  So I did.

It turns out that any time is any time except the time that I arrived–mechanics’ lunch hour.  I was told that there was no one available who could perform the service because all mechanics are required to take lunch from 12 to 1.  I said “it says come any time”.  The reply, naturally, was, well, not really.  I left, and I do intend to go back tomorrow to get my fluids topped off.  This is because we are expecting really really bad weather and I opened the car lid yesterday and checked the oil and some oil is required.  I will arrive tomorrow at any time other than lunch time.  We shall see if there are other times that are not considered any time.  I hope not.

It did occur to me that there were actually a number of people at the dealership during the lunch hour, including the manager of the service department with whom I had my conversation.  I am somewhat shocked that, apparently, none of these people knew how to check the oil and add a bit if necessary.  I admit to having lost rather a lot of confidence in the place. However, pit stops are free and I am a sucker for getting something free.  My bad.

But, I do wish that any time actually meant any time.  I may have to revisit all my thinking about the nature of time.  Which now I think about it would be rather an enjoyable revisitation.



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