Balancing Act

My feet (and especially my toes) are quite gorgeous.  I believe that now, having come to realize that it is the nature of feet to be propellers, but I have not always believed that.  For ever so long I wanted my feet to be cute, petite, and not huge (which they are, but only because I have these wonderfully long toes).  Anyway.  It turns out that another part of the nature of feet is that they are balancers, keeping us from falling every which way.  And for that, folks, as with propelling,  bigger is better!

Think of two sticks bound together at their centers then arrayed so that the ends are at north, south, east, and west (there was undoubtedly a shorter way to describe this, but it is beyond me at the moment).  The original snowshoe, perhaps?  Step on such sticks, tie them to your feet, and oh, how your balance improves!  Petite feet people need such additions to keep their balance, but us big foot people can balance quite nicely on our lovely larges without the aid of sticks.  It’s a big step ahead for large-scale feet.

You might be wondering how this notion came into my echoing mind, but I am not going to tell you.  Carry on, feets!


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