That’s Some Cat

A couple of blocks from where I live there resides a rather large cat.  I first saw this cat (no one would ever call her a “kittie”) when I glanced at a roof as I was driving by and there she was lying meatloaf style next to a chimney keeping warm in the sun.  I saw her occasionally after that, crossing the road (oh, bad cat!) and wandering in the neighbors’ yards.  But one day a few weeks ago, I heard a really sweet “meow” while I was out raking leaves, and when I looked up, there she was.  A beautiful long-haired brown tabby.

I stepped toward her and she stepped toward me, and her meows became purrs as we got closer together.  So I leaned down and petted her and scratched behind her ears and boy did she get loud!  While it was a nice sunny day, it was not warm, and I was getting a little cold after a while, but she was not of a mind to leave this pleasant person (me!).  I was a bit worried that she might not find her way back home, so I decided to give her a lift.

Well.  She is one humongous cat.  She had to weigh twenty five pounds (or maybe a ton).  I about broke my back picking her up, but I got her into my arms and we started down the block toward her home.  She purred and purred and snuggled as we walked.  My arms started to feel a little strained from the weight, but I kept on.  Who could have put her down and given up that wonderful purr?  So on we went.  I was starting to struggle when we turned the last corner and entered her block–I was not at all certain that I would make it to her home.  Onward, she purred, and snuggled a little closer to my heart.

We made it to Humongous Cat’s yard, and I sat down on the curb and opened my arms.  She meowed, turned, and with tail held high, sauntered into her yard.  I said goodbye, and as I walked home, arms numb, I hoped I would see her again in my yard, at the same time hoping I would not.

She is some cat, old HC.


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