Needles and Things

At one time in my life–in fact for most of my life–needles have been something I avoid like a plague.  Especially needles that dentists use, but I have to grit my teeth to get my annual flu shot, too, and let’s don’t even talk about when they have to take blood from me. However, it is also true that for most of my life, I thought dill pickles were really awful, but over the last several years they have become my vegetable of choice.  Anyway, who would have thought that such a needle-phobic person would ever voluntarily submit to someone putting a whole lot of needles in me?

And yet, every three weeks I travel to my local acupuncturist and allow him to puncture me without objection.  My physical therapist recommended this on account of that back I may have mentioned at some point.  So this has been going on for a while now, and I have to say that it actually does help.  But this post is not about the helpfulness of letting someone puncture my skin many many times; instead it is about some of the problems (actually just one problem) that might occur when I am being needled.

I admit to being a little on the old side–not elderly, but no longer young.  And we older folks may have some issues that we really do prefer not to talk about much, but I thought you all should know about some of the potential problems you might run into at some point.  So, I will simply ask the question: what is the etiquette  when one is thoroughly needled and resting comfortably alone in the room but suddenly realizes that the restroom is required?  One cannot simply stand up and run down a hallway, can one?  Needles would leave a trail and could be a danger to others, not to mention the lack of clothing covering the needled areas, which could lead to mental health issues for any observer thereof.  We don’t need to go further with this, do we?

I have considered asking my acupuncturist what the procedure would be, but while I can say these things to an unknown audience, it is somewhat difficult to bring up with a known person who is also a relative stranger.  You see the problem?

It may be  necessary to return to an un-punctured life, but I suppose the best thing is to carry on and hope the feared situation never arises.  Chin up, stiff upper lip and all that, eh?   (Apologies for any unwanted images that may have sprung up from this discussion.  I have found that any such images can be got rid of by simply thinking of chocolate chip cookies or pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream.)


One thought on “Needles and Things

  1. It’s easier if you ask before the situation arises. In which case you could allude to it obliquely “I wonder if there’s some acupuncture spot that could settle one’s bladder during a session”. Or you could use the ever popular “I’m just asking for a friend”.

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