At the Speed of Time

Time is moving a bit slowly nowadays.  Funny how that happens.  I would very much like time to be flowing at full speed ahead plus a little just now.  Or to be a little more specific, I would like part of time to be like walking through quicksand and other parts of time to be trying to match the Enterprise at warp speed.

You have certainly found that time moves slowly when you are going somewhere and much more quickly when you are going home.  That’s not quite what I am hoping for.  I want parts of time to be moving very fast and other parts very slow while going somewhere–all at once, that is.  I suppose to make this happen I ought to be having more fun–you know, time flies etc.  However, it’s the having fun part of time that I want to slow down and the dumpy old part to speed up.

Honestly, the “holiday season” has been going on for what seems like forever this year, and while there is just another couple of weeks, I would love to wake up tomorrow morning to find that the holidays are over with until next Labor Day (used to be Thanksgiving, but that’s the part that sped up).  The time I want to slow down has my family, friends, and my cat in it.  The cat is moving towards her long nap, and I very much want her and my time to slow down so I can enjoy her longer.   Selfish, I know.

We can split the atom, so why can we not split time?  This is definitely something I am going to be working on, when I have a little time.


One thought on “At the Speed of Time

  1. I think it was one of the wizards in one of the Pratchett novels who complained that the hours seemed to drag on every day, while the years just zipped by.

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