Passing Time

So since we cannot stop time and we also cannot make time move fast and slow at the same time, I have found ways to pass time.  The discovery of these ways is especially important when the temperature outside is below zero and the news of the world is depressing and the book I began isn’t really wonderful.  So yes, I know there are any number of ways to pass time, but only a few of those bring real contentment.

The temperatures are very low, although the sun shines occasionally.  I wander the house wondering what to do to keep time moving right along.  Which of my many time resorts shall I choose?  Well.  As it happens, I recently mentioned chocolate chip cookies, and it became impossible to ignore the time-passing potential of such lovelies.

I had made some snowball cookies a little while ago, but they did not last long.  Some ghosts of the past seem to know when those are available, because as soon as I turn my back, they disappear.  Those same ghosts seem to add inches to my waistline as they pass through.  But today, after I scraped the snow from the deck (more snow expected, want to be sure the deck does not collapse under the weight), that chocolate chip pecan cookie recipe that I happened to have discovered not so long ago just called to me (I am calling you–oo-oo-oooo, oo, oo, oo–remember that song?).  So today I baked up a batch.

Oh dear.  Not bad.  Almost makes me want to start baking all those dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies I used to make and take back when.  I may have to do another batch of the snowballs, though, just because time has slowed a bit (good in some ways, but at the moment the cat is in a slow time drift too, so I can speed up the rest of time a bit) and I feel the need for action.  But there is always the Amish cinnamon bread to consider.

So time passes.


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