Spaced out time

So I have just (tried to) read an article in the January 2017 issue of Scientific American about spacetime.  I have to admit that I did not understand much of it at all, but I did get the impression that the physics people are all excited about a new way of thinking about a relationship between space and time that either changes or builds upon Einstein’s general theory of relativity and may or may not help our understanding of how (or maybe whether) spacetime emerges.  What intrigued me in the article was a simple statement that the new ideas might result in our being able to measure time in wormholes.

Now I admit that I never knew that we could NOT measure time in wormholes, but of course that is really the whole point of a wormhole anyway, is it not?  A way to move from one part of space to another without wasting any time at all is to go through a wormhole (or so say many of the sci-fi books that I have read).  So I guess I always sort of thought that wormholes are things that are outside of time, but it never really hit me what that meant.  Now, it turns out that physicists have thought for quite some time that space and time are different (or separate–I did mention that I did not understand what was being said), but the new thinking is (I think) seeing the two as not so separate after all.

I don’t mean to confuse things, although I am confusing things.  But what I want to know is how do I create my own little wormhole?  And having done so, how then do I regulate the time within it?  The possibility of measuring wormhole time leads me to think that wormhole time can pass at different speeds (see previous post about passing time), so now I think maybe I could entangle a few wormholes and voila–get time to pass at different speeds at the same time.

Who knew that physics could be so fun?



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