Muse to Amuse

So, spent part of today sitting by the window watching snow come down onto what was already a white landscape, musing.  It turned out to be a very nice relaxing interlude in an otherwise doing-things-because-they-must-be-done sort of day.  Tax season begins on January 23, and I need to be ready to prepare returns, so what was necessary today and will continue to be necessary for the next few is studying for certification exams so I can work as a volunteer tax preparer again. Interesting occasionally but not a whole lot of fun and certainly not amusing.

But, as the snow fell and I visually measured its depth by how low the cedar branches were hanging, I found myself amused (were you aware that one definition of “amuse” is “to cause time to pass agreeably?).  I contemplated the way the cedar branches inched lower as they became whiter, as opposed to the way the snow accumulated on the dogwood branches without causing the branches to change position.  Perhaps nature was trying to communicate a lesson to me?  There are ways, and then there are other ways, to carry a load.  Loads themselves may be wonderful, even light, not a burden.  When I went out and tapped with my long pole on the branches, the snow fell on me and the branches swung upward in joy and I laughed to feel the burden fall over me and to the ground.

I sometimes think that the time I pass musing is wasted, a frill that I should not admit to anyone for fear of being thought lazy.  But as time does pass, perhaps causing it to pass agreeably is a very good thing.


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