Time and Timing

Time seems to  me to be an enigma.  I doubt I will ever understand it, and really, I don’t think I need to.  It is quite a lot of fun to just think about time in all of its facets.  It may not be the “best” thing to think about, but I don’t really care–it makes me happy to wonder about such a phenomenon.

One aspect of time that seems a bit different (actually quite a bit different) is timing.  You know the old saying–timing is everything.  Or nothing.  But sometimes, timing is accidental–serendipitous, yet totally right on.  Like you meet a stranger on the street and it turns out that he needs a someone just like you to work out a problem he has been having and you just happen to be ready to take on a new problem.  Or you go to a bar with a friend and happen to meet someone to spend a most wonderful evening with yet never see again.  Happens all the time, right?  Did Time make it so?  Or Happenstance?

In the long run, it does not matter, really.  I know that each time I got fired from a job, I went on to better things, and finally found something that suited me just fine.  I also know that relationships with other people have come and gone in my lifetime, but each finding or each separation, brought something good.  Was this me being purposeful?  Oh, very very doubtful.  Was this Time making a move on me?  Likely.  Or, just happened and somehow it turned out all right?  More likely.

Today, lots of things just lined up, timing-wise.  Began last night, really, when I had just decided to hit the sack when I heard the snowplows coming down my street, and I got my boots and jacket on and went out to clear the driveways (mine and my neighbors) before the piles froze and became too difficult to move.  After all that exercise, I slept wonderfully, even with the cat snoring next to my head all night long.

Then, I just happened to be working on tax law when I remembered where a “lost” business card was stashed that I had promised to pass on to a friend.  Then, Alaska Air just happened to email me about their deep fare sale starting now, just when I was worrying about driving across state and mountains for a class.  Then, a friend notified me that she had just received an invitation to teach a class that she really wanted to do and is flying out tomorrow to take the opportunity.  Is all of this just good timing?  Does it matter?  Shall I just call it “luck” (me, who hardly ever runs into luck)?  I planned none of it.  I cannot take credit for any of it.  Yet I benefit, and am happier than I was because of it.

Makes me ponder about whether timing is ever anything but accidental or ever anything more than accidental.  But what does that say about Time?


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