Lovely Old (relatively) Words

Dadgummit, it’s COLD!  It’s the warmest its been in a while–a whole degree above freezing, but it was warmer when it was zero!

Dagnabbit, the stupid sun is out but danged if it will throw a ray my way.  I’ve screamed and yelled and begged, and NOTHING!

Dang it all, Mother N, where are you when I need you?  My beautiful toes are going to freeze and fall off!


(OK, I know there are plenty of places that are significantly colder than here, but still.

Also, I know I could just turn up the heat, but if I turn up the heat much higher, the house is going to burn down.  So I am wearing everything I own.  Phooey.)

Why do they all start with “D”?



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