New years and such.

There’s been a lot of noise outside, fireworks hopefully.  Other than that, the “new year” looks to be coming in on little kitty feet without much fanfare.  As it should do.  Quiet enough and maybe we won’t notice the change.  Poor old year, just wants to slip away unnoticed.  I think we should let it go.

That is not to say that new years are so wonderful.   Just for example, insurance kicks back in tomorrow, so I have two dental appointments during the first week of the new year, and two medical ones as well.  On top of that, my car is sick again and won’t go anywhere without a lift, and there is a snowstorm coming through tonight.  I’m just saying.

Things could be worse, I know.  But let’s just not talk about that.  I would sort of like to move time forward to about July, when I have my reservation for my camping spot down on the Oregon Coast.  Crossing toes and fingers that 2017 is not the year the Cascadian fault is going to hiccup (always assuming my toes have not frozen off during the extra extra cold week we are about to have).  Although if it does, I guess my toes (made for sand, by the way) will be a lot closer to the ocean than they are now.

So it is my intent to enjoy 2017, come hell or high water, or both.  In spite of it all.



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