Still Life: New Year morning at my local

It snowed overnight and is snowing again now, after a low fog.

There are three people at the “gamer” table (named because they talk a lot about creating online games).  Two are fairly old, one reading the newspaper and the other fiddling with her phone.  The younger, who has a marvelous smile, is engrossed in his laptop.

A silver-haired woman sits alone, smiling at her i-Pad.

The Marine veteran (according to his hat) and his wife are reading at a table for four. He is perusing the newspaper.  She sits across the table from him with her feet on the opposite chair, shoes off, reading a novel.

A family (father and three daughters), dressed for church, sit in the comfy chairs by the window.  They are talking, mentioning that they went to the 8:30 am service but found it had been canceled in favor of a 10 am start time.  They do not seem unhappy about that as they enjoy each other’s company while sipping hot drinks.

An older couple sit together, but each is working on their own phone, and they are not conversing together.

There are two old men, sitting separately, one at a table and the other in a comfy chair near the family of would-be church-goers.  The man’s table is covered with already-read newspaper and he sits with earphones on while working his laptop.  The comfy guy is wearing sweats and slippers and has settled in with a novel to read.

There are two baristas on the other side of a wall.  One is a young married man, and the other is a big man with lots of tattoos.  They work well together and seem happy to be there, serving folks as they come and go (mostly young men dressed in what appear to be pajamas and slippers).



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