The Week that Was

The really good thing is that the last week is now in the past.  Way too much going on, made more difficult because it just kept snowing and snowing and snowing (still is).  So as you know, my poor old car went to the hospital last Friday, and was ready to come home yesterday.  I had yet another dental appointment, so I decided to kill all kinds of birds with one stone (I really do hate that phrase, I should delete it, but oh well).  Take the bus to the dentist, then I’d be halfway to the car place, an easy bus ride further on.

All was well until I got to the dentist and reached for my wallet to pay my share of the bill.  No wallet.  Last seen when I pulled it out to get the change for the bus.  Oh my.  Dentist said OK, they would just send a statement.  But, no money no pick up car.  The good part was that the bank that lets me charge things on a card is right across the street from the dentist, so I tooled over there and got all that taken care of rather easily.  New card coming, no nasty activity, yada yada.  Nice bank.  Called the car doc and told him I would try again today (did–car is home, yay!).

Called the Transit Authority and told them what bus I had been on and where I caught it and all, and they said, call back tomorrow afternoon and we will check Lost and Found.  So I will do that, although I expect my poor old wallet was emptied of cash and tossed in a garbage can never to be seen.

Lovely internet!  Was able to cancel the other credit card and order up a new medical insurance card and also order a replacement driver license all online!  Super.  Now its just the muck work of replacing all of the other information and non-critical stuff that was in the wallet.

But here’s the thing:  what I miss most and what makes me cry about the whole stupid incident?  I had just registered a new Starbucks card that had a really cute kitty on it–I was lucky to have found it and it was the only one I have ever seen.  I had used it for less than a week.  And, of all things, that card is what keeps me awake at night and crying over my stupidity at having lost the wallet.  Probably because I don’t carry photos in the wallet, this irreplaceable card is what I miss.

Go figure.


UPDATE:  Just called Transit, and some wonderful wonderful person turned in my wallet!


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