Upper Lips and such.

Sometimes I think about the whole “stiff upper lip” thing.  I will head for a mirror and try to make my upper lip stiff.  But I cannot seem to do it.  All those Britishers who tell each other to keep a stiff upper lip should also tell us how to stiffen the lip.  The whole point, I think, is to reduce frustration and allow us to keep calm and carry on, but after standing there and attempting the feat many many times and failing, I end up very unable to calm myself and carry on, plus my lip hurts.

Does keeping a stiff upper lip mean that I should simply keep my mouth shut in the face of whatever, so I should not take the phrase literally?  That is also sometimes a bit difficult, as the older I get the less I seem to be able to decline comment (and I speak louder because people tend to ignore us older folks.  Not that I particularly blame them).  Also the keeping calm bit has become something that requires a significant amount of work.

So, anyway, trying to stiffen the lip (without the result being a rather prune-like face) does sort of keep me out of trouble.  Kind of like meditation, which focuses the crumbling mind on something other than the storm approaching rapidly.  Attempting the stiff lip thing makes the one care go away and brings a new frustration to keep me busy.  And the world says, “thank you!”.


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