Walking up, then down my driveway this morning, I see I am being watched.  REALLY watched. Huge eyes following my progress over the ice.  The head never moved, just the eyes.  Ears forward, whiskers on the alert, the little black kitty follows my every step from his perch in the window next door.

It’s actually a bit unnerving, being so carefully watched, even if it’s just a cat (do NOT tell my cat I said that!).  That little kitty was counting my breaths, listening for the beats of my heart.  Is she friend?  Is she walking too close to what’s mine?  Does she really mean that smile or is she luring me to the point where curiosity becomes dangerous?  Do I dare move?  Should I call my minions?  Make myself really, really big?  Or maybe she is smiling because she is happy, and she has not even noticed me as I sit here so silently, so stealthily, immobile except for my eyes.

Everything I have ever heard or seen about cats tells me that no human can win a staring war against a cat.  That came a little closer to being proven this morning, although I was not really staring–just watching him watch me.  It did feel good, though, to know that the little kitty is watching over me.  He won’t let anything bad happen on his watch!  Of course, the question is what is his definition of bad?


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