Laugh, kookaburra!

I’ve been working on thinking about something humorous.  Unfortunately, my mind has disappeared on me, perhaps as a result of this stupid cold I have had for a while now.  I will certainly blame my brain freezes on it, anyway.  Although, it might be that all this writing and thinking I have been doing about time caused my poor old brain to just kick outside for a bit of refreshment.  A long sip of something cool, or better yet, a very large bowl of yummy ice cream.

Anyway.  Let me think.  What have I laughed at or about lately?  Besides me.  There’s the squirrels on the deck.  I have been tossing out lovely roasted peanuts in the shell onto the icy snow on the deck.  Fatso loves that, comes running, and in his wobbly way, grabs as many as he can and sits and munches.  He will now chase away any competition, so I think his health is improving.

But while that is fun to watch, it isn’t a belly laugh.  What else?  Dogs, of course.  They are everywhere, driving around leaving smiles and laughter behind.  Walking over to my local one morning, in the cars lined up waiting to order (why does  anyone do that, anyway?), here’s the dog poking his head out of the rear driver’s side window talking into the microphone with a little boy whispering into his ear, telling him what to order.  I gotta say, that brought a nice chuckle.

Cats bring smiles too, but great hearty laughs like dogs do, not so much.  A great deal more sophisticated, those cats.  Or just arrogant.

Well, I could blather on for quite some time, but to no avail, I fear.  I need to get out more.  In the meantime, I want to hear a virtual avalanche of laughter from you all!  Let’s get LOUD!!!


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