Breaking the Ice

Now some of you might think this post will be about how to break the ice at a party or conference where people don’t really know each other and conversations are sometimes a bit difficult to start.  I think people actually make lots of money teaching corporate and other folks how to do this and thereby earn a lot more money for whatever.  But no, this is about actual ice breaking of the kind that ships in the Arctic Ocean do to open up the shipping lanes. Just on a slightly smaller scale.

Where I live, we have been having a sort of difficult winter, with days of really cold and snow followed by rain, followed by more days of really cold.  This means that driveways and roadways end up with a whole lot of ice when the snow melt freezes.  It is bad enough that Mother does this to us, but on top of that, we have City crews that plow the snow and ice and whatever to the sides of the streets and into driveways and things like that. This helpful City thing then has filled up the sides of the streets at the curbs that in “normal” weather would carry water down the streets to the drains and then off to the river or wherever water goes in your area.  This means that the water cannot flow down the street to the drains but instead puddles up into lakes at the ends of driveways.  These lakes then freeze in the overnight, and whoa! ice skating is available for free.

So, because I am environmentally sound of mind, I will toss out e-safe ice melt to help solve the problem, but I really don’t trust the stuff and besides, the ice in my driveway is REALLY thick.  So, as I did today, while it was raining and before tonight’s freeze, I was out chopping and tossing ice blocks around to keep them from re-melting and then re-freezing in what seems at times like right now to be a never-ending cycle (yes, I do know that Summer is actually the longest season, but I would say that is an example of time not passing as it should).  I also got my big broom out and tried to move my lake out into the street, but alas, back it came until I built a small berm across the driveway (that may come back to haunt me tomorrow morning when it is time to go to my local).

So, I just thought you might like to know what I have been up to lately.  Ice breaking.  And cookie-munching.  Oh, and I watched Elizabethtown again last night–one of my favorite movies. That’s all, folks.


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