Memory, or not.

I went to a great class yesterday, a workshop on improvisation for camera work, and among the things we were supposed to learn was a memory trick to remember a list of up to ten things.  Now that was quite a deal for me, as I sometimes have difficulty recalling a list of a half a thing, let alone ten things.

You might ask, as did someone (not I) in the class, why we need to memorize anything if we are improvising. I did think that was a good question, and while I am failing to remember what the actual answer was, it had something to do with being at an audition and being required to remember stuff. Go figure.

We all stood in a circle and our fabulous instructor took us through a practice round of recall.  This instructor had already shared that he is a list-maker (that almost caused me to get out of Dodge, as I don’t really even know what a list is–but see the post on to-do’s), and because of that is a guy who remembers lists.  Our practice round ended with varied degrees of success, I might say.  Me being the bottom variable, unfortunately.

However, I was able to recall about half of the ten things after we went through the practice.  Quite a success, really.

The problem is that I cannot remember how we did it.  I did have fun, though.


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